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Why Free?

Our Community works together to send Transfers. Local Partners support the costs of creating and redeeming Transfers ensuring that Members pay no fees.


We are a decentralised Community. Transfers are not a product of a bank, remitter or financial institution seeking to make profits from Transfers.


Tigereum is the digital currency used to send Transfers. We use blockchain technology which is free and more efficient than centralised bank ledger systems.

Local Partners

Local Partners create and redeem Transfers. They are Members of our Community.

Local Partner Fees

When local Partners create/redeem Transfers, the price of Tigereum is 5% more/less than its trading price. Local Partners pay, from out of this margin, 1% of all Transfers to support the costs of our Community.

Card Payments

Mastercard and Visa charge up to 2.5% to process a card payment. Where this occurs, you cover that cost for your Transfer.