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Local Partners in Your Country

You can find out who the Local Partners are in your country by searching here

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What local partners do

Local Partners create and redeem Tiger Transfers with Members in each country

Redeem a Tiger Transfer


Local Partners accept cash for Tiger Transfers you create, and payout cash for Tiger Transfers your freinds and family redeem

Bank Deposits

Local Partners make fast, domestic bank deposits to your friends and family in their local currency, anywhere in the world

Become a Local Partner in your country today

Any Community Member can become a Local Partner in their country. You just need to verify your identity (if you haven't already) and provide a 20,000 TIG security deposit. Help our Community grow in your country, and earn some extra income for yourself

Set up a Local Partner Group in your country

If you have an existing distribution network, and you want to add Tigereum to your suite of products, you can set up a Local Partner Group. Each member of your team can be a Local Partner and you can manage them through our portal. You will get a commission on all their sales. This can be ideal for using the cash features of Tigereum in underbanked countries through an existing distribution network. All you need to do to set up the Local Partner Group is register yourself as a Corporate Partner.

Benefits of being a Local Partner in your country

5% Margin

Support your other business with a new income stream

Be part of an exciting global Community

Use our easy Administrative Portal anywhere