Roadmap – Tigereum
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Community Roadmap

  • Tigereum’s development team is developing smooth customer interfaces to buy, sell, send and pay with digital currency on social media.

  • The social media platforms we aim to support are Facebook, Telegram, Skype, WeChat, Slack and Discord (and other social media platforms as they support bots).

  • Tigereum also has a web bot for use on its website, and we plan to release desktop, Chrome extension and Dapp versions on our development roadmap.

  • Our web, Facebook and Telegram bots are the first, early public release versions of Tigereum bots for testing which we have recently released (in early 2018).

  • We are making these Tigereum bots available to our Tigereum community as we develop them so that you can test them and help us improve them. Please be sure to give us your feedback!